I decree in the name that is above every other name, my rise to fame and glory shall stun the world. I shall tell a story of grass to grace in this new month. There is no stopping me in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, the time for you to favour me and my household have come, yea, the set time is now. For it is time for you, Lord to work. Do not let them make void your promises upon my life.

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I shall not struggle with my business anymore. The wisdom to succeed and the grace to be celebrated shall dwell in me henceforth. Then, the heathens shall say, the Lord has done great things for me.

You’re free from the struggles of sicknesses and diseases. Your health shall blossom like a plant by the riverside. You shall leap for joy in this new month.

I ask for fresh fire for breakthrough. I shall sell like never before and prosper as it is uncommon to man in Jesus name.


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