Gracious Ladies, your husband needs your encouragement, your support, your prayers and your belief in him.

Praying for your husband will build your own faith and draw you closer to God. This Novena is simple and you can use it to guide your own meditations and words. There is so much power in prayer! Gracious Ladies, If you have a faith that has been put through the fire and tested, that faith will never fail. Put your faith to the test.

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31 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Sacrifice.
Theme: Strengthening Marital Bond through Prayer

Started on 7th May
Ending Tomorrow with Closure Mass.

Day 31: Pray for gratitude


Dear God,
Thank you so much for my husband. I can’t imagine my life without him and he means the world to me. Help him to know what a blessing and a gift he is to me. Please help me to show my gratitude and adoration for him with my words and actions. Let me never take him for granted, Lord. Please bless him and keep him. Amen.

A Generational Prayer for You and Your Husband.

Mr……………….……..and Mrs………………………..,

May the Lord bless you and show Himself real to you.
May the Lord keep you and put a hedge of protection around you.
May the Lord make His face shine on you and light your life with the fullness of His glorious character.
May the Lord be gracious to you and show His saving power to you.
May the Lord lift up His countenance on you and show how pleased He is with you.
May the Lord give you His peace and bring you His wholeness.
May you grow deeper in love with each passing day as You grow
deeper in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May your marriage fulfill the purpose that God intended it to.
May you walk out the call of God on your lives individually and as a couple.
May your children, finances, and your endeavors be blessed by God
and bring him glory and honor.
May your marriage and home be a house of prayer, a house of
Worship, a house of Joy and a small Heaven.
This is my prayer for you and the generations to follow.
In the Strong and Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior

On this Last Day of the Novena, you can make a pledge in your heart as a special offering to be sent either today or tomorrow or the days after. Our Mass will be tomorrow, 7th June at 8.15 pm EAT.

You will M-Pesa your offering to my Paybill No 762 763 (Ac. No. OFFERING)
Note: The offering will be given Before or After Mass.

  • Your offering is an investment for your spiritual development.
  • Your offering is your gift for the 31 days journey.
  • Your offering is your seed for the special visitation you ask of the
    Lord for your marriage.
  • Your offering is thanks giving gift in advance for what God is going
    to do in your marriage.
    Gracious Ladies, remain eternally blessed!
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