Dear Jesus,

I’m so often catching myself thinking about all the things I want, that I can’t have.

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I keep thinking about objects, things…

I understand that some of these wants are normal,

but my thoughts go too far with it,

causing me to battle with temptation of coveting and envying.

You know my heart, and you know me.

I ask for your forgiveness, and your help!

Help me to realize that you are in control,

and you will grant and give to me what you see fit.

You will prosper me according to your own will.

I belong to you,

and the good gifts you give are more than enough.

Please grant me the wisdom to be content with what I have.

Deliver me from all fears,

and lead me to having a truly grateful heart for all of the gifts,

miracles and blessings you have given me.

Thank you for them all,

especially Salvation!


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