Blessing is the act of declaring God’s favor and goodness upon others. Throughout the Bible, we see that blessing is not only the good effect of words, it also has the power to bring them to pass.

Now, I’m not saying that every blessing we pronounce will come to pass as if it were some mechanical formula.

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That’s up to the Lord. However, let’s not sell the action of blessing short either! The apostle John said that when we pray according to His will—and a blessing is a type of prayer—we can be sure that the Lord hears us and will give us what we’ve asked for (1 John 5:14–15). Thus, God responds to the words in our prayers of blessing.

The power of the Priestly Blessing is that it strengthens, enables and encourages people to cope with and thrive under all manner of spiritual circumstances.

It enables the sinner to overcome despair; it protects the victorious hero from prideful arrogance; and it helps the joyous person subdue excessive exuberance.

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