Dear God, we pray for the softness of heart, for openness to your Word. God, we pray for an awakening in our country.

God, we pray for spiritual awakening. Please, oh God, soften hearts. God, we pray for fruit that is yielding a hundred-fold for your glory.

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God, we pray only you can do these things. We pray that the power of your word would fall on soft hearts by the power of your spirit. And the fruit would be born. God, and all these unreached people because we pray for every day.

God, we pray for soft hearts among our young people. They might hear your word, believe it and respond to it. Obey it and hold fast to it and to not choke out by every attempt of the adversary to do so.

God, we pray for your word to bear fruit in our lives and our families and our churches and our communities, our cities, and among the nations. We pray this according to this parable. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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