This is it, Lord, the last day of my work week. I had to work multiple shifts this week, so I need extra strength to make it through this Friday. I don’t want to slack off or do my job halfway. I want to work hard and put in a full day because that’s my work ethic.
I’m praying to you now because mental “want-to” is ahead of my physical “can-I-do-it.” I’m just worn down after a hard week. Give me endurance I do not have at the moment.
Give me clear thinking so I don’t make silly mistakes today. I trust in the truth of the Bible that says you are my Strength and my Shield, because that’s what I need you to be for me today.
I am thankful for this job and how you provide for me and my family through it. I want to do the work that is worthy of the pay, not so much so my boss is proud of my work (although that’s nice and all).
I want to do the work so I am proud of myself and that I maintained my integrity and character. On this difficult Friday, help me live out who I believe myself to be. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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