God, I pray this Tuesday for my co-workers. Thank you that I have a job and that I get to interact with others. I pray that I will be a light today for your Kingdom purposes.
God, you know that my workplace is full of sinful co-workers, including myself. I pray especially for the relationships that I work with. God, will you help us not become prideful but we would work in humility as we work together?
Father, for those co-workers that I struggle with please allow me to reconcile the relationship today before any more of the week passes by. Help me to see that your plan for our relationship is better than any grudge I want to hang on to.
God, I pray that my co-workers will know you. That they will be able to see and understand that there is no partiality in your Kingdom but your gift of salvation is for all those who fear him and do what is acceptable to him.
Gracious Father, help them to see the power and beauty of Jesus’ life. From the moment He was baptized throughout his ministry on Earth, people were in awe of His authority and power.
Open my co-worker’s eyes to see the reality of his crucification. Jesus was really a man who was placed on the cross, God raised him to life, and He appeared to many who believed. Help my co-workers to understand that it is this truth that can free them of their sins.
Help my co-workers today to ask questions. Holy Spirit I ask that you give me the right words to speak truth into their lives. God, I pray that you open their eyes and give them the gift of your grace, this Tuesday and every day.
God, for those co-workers that think they are Christians but there is no fruit in their lives. Give them the strength and confidence to repent of their sins, trust in the Gospel, and live a life knowing you are Lord.
These co-workers still have a sense that they must work harder and please you more to enter your kingdom. Help them to understand your true message that their ability to be saved is only because of Christ and His death was fully sufficient. There is nothing they can do to save themselves.
God, I pray you give me confidence today to speak boldly. To help me to love you well. That you open the eyes of my co-workers. I pray this on this Tuesday in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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