Prayer to Strengthen Stakeholders

Dear God,

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I praise you, and with great humility, I utter these prayers for business as a form of thanksgiving for your generosity and compassion towards me. I am not worthy of the gracious blessings you entrusted to my family and me, but I would be willing to serve your kingdom till eternity if that is your will. As I talk with the stakeholders of my enterprise today, keep my mind focused and allow me to answer their questions correctly.

I pray through this prayer request that you grant me the gifts to help me create connections with our partners and extend our company’s visions to other businesses.


Daily Declaration

Almighty God, I invite You, O God, to be my business partner and show me how to prosper.

I eagerly desire Your blessing and favor upon my home, family and business.  Therefore, as a business owner in this country and especially city, I declare that I will persevere to conduct my affairs with good character, while upholding honesty, integrity and loyalty to those I serve.

I declare that mercy and truth are a trademark of my life and business.

I declare that I am blessed with creative ideas that are anointed for breakthrough.

I declare that Holy Spirit has given me strategies for success.

I declare that You will guide me to make any changes that are needed, including the best location so that my business will prosper.

I declare that You will help me correctly identify people’s needs and how to offer the products that benefit my customer’s needs.

I declare an increase in divine encounters, sales and contracts that increase my business.

I declare my business is blessed to be a blessing to others and is an testimony of God’s goodness in my life.

Thank You, Father, for hearing this prayer and declaration and sending forth Your answers.

In Jesus’Name, Amen

For School owners:

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