Today, on the tenth day of our 40 Days Novena for Family Deliverance, we invoke the Transcendent God. Our God is not just the greatest of all beings; He exists beyond and above everything He has created. This transcendence means that He is infinitely greater than anything we can imagine. He is not confined by time, space, or matter; He is exalted over all nations and His glory surpasses the heavens.

As we reflect on God’s transcendence, we are reminded of His ultimate sovereignty and majesty. Despite His immeasurable greatness, He remains intimately involved in our lives. This paradox of God’s transcendence and immanence is a source of great comfort and awe. It assures us that the One who is beyond our comprehension is also the One who deeply cares for each of us.

Psalm 113:4-5: “The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God, the One who sits enthroned on high?”

In our daily struggles and challenges, let us find solace in knowing that the Transcendent God, who holds the universe in His hands, is also the One who guides, supports, and loves us unconditionally. As we lift our prayers to Him today, may we be filled with a sense of His vastness and His personal touch in our lives. Let us trust that this powerful and magnificent God is working all things for our good, beyond what we can see or understand.

Prayer: O Transcendent God, You who are exalted above all nations and whose glory surpasses the heavens, we come before You in awe of Your infinite greatness. You are beyond all that we can imagine, yet You are intimately involved in our lives. Guide us, support us, and fill us with Your love. Help us to trust in Your sovereignty and to find comfort in Your presence. As we face our daily challenges, remind us that You are with us, working all things for our good. We lift our families and our lives to You, knowing that You are the One who sustains us. Amen.

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