God’s holiness is not a better version of the best we know. God is utterly and supremely untainted. His holiness stands apart—unique and incomprehensible. Revelation 4:8-11

Thanking God for my Family
We are very thankful, God, for the good times we have with our families. Thank
You for allowing us to enjoy each other’s company. Thank You for giving us time
to spend with them each day.
Preserve our good relationships, Father, whenever we are with our beloved
families. Let peace reign in our homes and let compassion fill each of our hearts.
Teach us what it is to experience real joy and enable us to show each other what
this means.
Lord, You are our Prince of Peace and the One that guards our hearts. May You
always remind us to be peacemakers, especially within our families. Protect us
from hateful thoughts, and let us not be the reason for causing chaos in our
homes. Guide us each day as we walk through life with our families, wherever
each of us may be. All these we ask in Your Name, Amen.

Daily prayers
(The following prayers will be part of daily prayers together with any other
prayer(s) that the family may have for deliverance)

Prayer 1
For Deliverance and Healing
Heavenly Father, thank you for your precious grace and mercy. Lord, thank you, for letting me see another day. Father, thank you, for a new direction and fresh hope. God, as I go through life trying to get close to where you would have me,
I’m grateful. That you have never left my side no matter the situation, no matter the state, no matter my mistakes. Lord God, as I continue to move forward with each day, I thank you for your light that keeps on shinning within. For your powerful hands that continue to hold and your gracious love that protects me. Lord, You took a sinner like me, the least of those expected. You are using me for your glory. In circumstances that I didn’t ask for, but you chose me for what role you have in mind. Blessed God, I ask that the same merciful hand and love be extended to those who are in pain and hurting. Lord, may you continue to change the atmosphere Lord so that your light shines on for eternity. Creator of heaven and the earth. God please continue showering your love throughout this nation to those who don’t know love. Those who don’t know you, or just desire to be in your presence. Father, may they get to know unconditional love through you. I pray that you continue to touch, heal and deliver, send help for those who are in need. Release those who are in spiritual bondage, heal those who are in pain. Send good news to those who are in need of help. Comfort those who are lonely. Strengthen those who feel weak. Give wisdom to those who are confused.

Prayer 2.
By the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through the power of His cross, His blood, and His resurrection. I bind you Satan, the spirits, powers and forces of darkness. All the nether world, and the evil spirits of nature.
Lord, I take dominion over all curses, hexes, demonic activity and spells directed against me, my relationships, ministry attempt, finances, and the work of my hands. and I break them by the power and authority of the risen Lord Jesus
Christ. Jesus, I stand in the power of the Lord Father Almighty. To end all demonic interaction, interchange and communications between spirits sent against me. Lord, send them directly to Jesus Christ for him to deal with as he
pleases. Lord, I ask for forgiveness and renounce all negative inner promises that I have made with the enemy. I pray that Jesus Christ releases me from these vows and from any bondage they may have held in me. I request the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty God, over every aspect of my life for my
protection. Amen.

Prayer 3.
Holy, Almighty Father, we come to you with hearts that are burdened. We need you, in humility before You, and Your Help. Lord, in these great and sore problems Father, we ask You to Answer our prayers. God, We need You, Send forward Your Help! We will rejoice in joy and celebrate in Your Victory, and in the Name of our Lord we will set up our standards. Lord, Fulfil all our requests. Answer us from Your Holy Kingdom with The Mighty Acts of Your Saving Right
Hand. Deliver us, Father, from the enemies that surround us. Lord, we beg You to Deliver us from our enemies. Deliver the people affected by human trafficking, especially Father, the children. Deliver them from those who
persecute and use them against their will. Lord, we remind You of Your Words that Say You Will Deliver us from our foes.
Deliver those people caught up in human trafficking, God! Deliver them as only You Can Do! Send to them Your Mighty Angels, Father! Assign them to Set the hostages free! Father, Deliver these children and adults who have been forced into sexual servitude! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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