Today, on the twelfth day of our 40 Days Novena for Family Deliverance, we invoke God who is Holy. The holiness of God is a profound and awe-inspiring attribute, setting Him apart from all creation. God’s holiness is not simply a higher degree of goodness; it is an absolute purity, an untainted and unique perfection that is beyond our full comprehension.

Revelation 4:8-11 provides a vivid picture of the heavenly worship of God’s holiness. The living creatures, day and night, proclaim, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,” acknowledging His eternal and unchanging nature. The twenty-four elders fall before Him, casting their crowns and worshipping the Creator who is worthy of all glory, honor, and power. This scene reminds us of the grandeur and majesty of God’s holiness, calling us to revere Him with awe and respect.

God’s holiness demands a response from us. As His followers, we are called to reflect His holiness in our lives, striving to live in purity and righteousness. While we can never fully attain His level of holiness, we are encouraged to pursue a life that honors His holy nature. This involves turning away from sin, seeking to be set apart for His purposes, and striving for spiritual growth.

In our families and communities, let us embrace the call to holiness, allowing God’s perfect and holy nature to guide our actions and decisions. By doing so, we honor the God who is utterly and supremely holy, and we draw closer to Him in reverence and devotion.

Prayer: Holy God, we stand in awe of Your perfect and untainted holiness. You are unique and incomprehensible, set apart from all creation. We worship and honor You, recognizing Your supreme majesty and glory. As we reflect on Your holiness, help us to strive for purity and righteousness in our lives. Guide our families and communities to embrace Your call to holiness, turning away from sin and seeking to honor You in all that we do. Draw us closer to You, O Holy One, and fill our hearts with reverence and devotion. Amen.

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