On this seventeenth day of our novena, married women unite in prayer, dedicating husbands’ deliverance to divine intervention and blessing. Today, we reflect on the profound significance of seeking deliverance for husbands; the liberation from burdens, struggles, and chains that hinder their spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being.

Many husbands face spiritual bondage, whether it be from past traumas, addictions, or unhealthy patterns of behavior, that hinder their growth, joy, and fulfillment. Through prayer, we acknowledge these struggles and intercede for husbands’ deliverance from spiritual chains that bind them, asking for God’s grace to break through barriers and bring forth freedom, healing, and restoration

Deliverance in marriage involves a renewal of commitment to God, to each other, and to the sacred covenant of marriage. As wives pray for their husbands’ deliverance, we affirm our commitment to standing by their side, and supporting them in their journey towards healing. Through prayer and mutual support, we create a safe and nurturing environment. Through prayer and mutual support, we create a safe and nurturing environment to experience God’s transformative power and emerge renewed and strengthened in their roles as husbands and spiritual leaders.

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