To start praying a prayer for work, you must take into account the most basic aspect of praying, which is to locate yourself in a quiet place.

  1. The next thing you should do is order your ideas, with the help of a pencil and a sheet of paper you can write the priority issues related to work. Remember that you must do this before you begin to pray.
  2. Another feasible option is to write your sentence. For this, always remember to thank and honor the name of God.
  3. Then you can proceed to read everything you wrote and share with the creator your concerns and work problems.
  4. Another idea is to write down this sentence and place it behind the door of your closet or room. That way you will always be able to remember it and it will work as a reminder.
  5. Everything is up to you. But always remember to thank, prioritize and give thanks. We assure you that with these three simple reminders you will pray an effective work prayer.


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