Heavenly Father,

As we gather on this blessed Sunday, we rejoice in the joy of the Easter season and the victory of your Son, Jesus Christ, over sin and death. As we continue our journey through this season of renewal, fill our hearts with gratitude for the gift of salvation and the promise of eternal life.

On this Third Sunday of Easter, we are reminded of the disciples’ encounter with the risen Lord on the road to Emmaus. Like them, may we recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread and be filled with zeal to proclaim his resurrection to the world.

Grant us, Lord, the grace to live as Easter people, filled with hope and joy. May the light of Christ shine brightly in our lives, dispelling the darkness of doubt and fear.

As we gather for worship and fellowship today, unite us in love and strengthen us in faith. May our hearts burn with zeal for your kingdom, and may we be empowered by your Spirit to go forth and share the good news of your love with all whom we meet.

Bless our families, our communities, and our world, Lord, and guide us in the ways of peace and justice. May we be instruments of your grace and mercy, bringing healing and reconciliation to a broken world.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.


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