This prayer is ideal for those moments in which all our efforts do not bear fruit and generate a feeling of conflict and anguish. Especially, in those circumstances where we knock on the door of an establishment where they are not even looking for staff. So when this happens, it is best to raise your hands to the sky and ask the father for all his help.


Merciful God, You are the greatest employer in the world, only You allow us to be good and successful people. On this day, I want to ask for your help so that you allow me to find a job in which I feel happy and with which I can give my family everything it deserves. I want to be a prosperous and happy person, who has the best opportunities to grow and advance in the workplace.

I ask you to have mercy on me and help me get employers to give me this job that I need so much. I trust that they are good and good people, and I know that with your help I will find a place where there is a warm and fair work environment for all employees. I know that you always want the best for me and that is why you will listen to all my requests.


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