Timeless Vision Scholars is a beacon of hope crafted by Father CK Foundation. Our sole purpose is to extend a helping hand to children emerging from less fortunate family backgrounds, ensuring they have a fair chance for education and a brighter future.

In the landscape of vulnerability, education is the catalyst for transformation. Your support no matter how small, becomes a key to unlocking potential, breaking the shackles of limited opportunities and providing a lifeline for those who need it most.

We welcome donations of any size because we firmly believe that even the smallest token can create a lasting impact on someone’s life. Your generosity directly translates into educational opportunities, shaping destinies, and turning dreams into reality. To date, we have successfully provided support to 256 deserving students out of 464 potential students. However, the urgency of our mission intensifies as we now face the critical task of sponsoring the remaining 208 students yet more cases are emerging and our resources are stretched thin.

Father CK Foundation has also partnered with seven girl rescue centers located in marginalized communities who still practice FGM. These vulnerable girls are safeguarded from female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages yet they face educational challenges. Under the partnership agreement, the rescue center is to provide shelter and food to the rescued girls while Father CK foundation has undertaken to find schools and place the girls and provide full scholarship up to form four and if possible, to tertiary education. Under the partnership, we have been able to facilitate 25 young girls and about 67 more are in the pipeline. Your support can help satisfy their educational needs, providing a brighter future and breaking the cycle of adversity. With your support, we can extend our transformative reach and make a lasting impact on their lives as shown below

      Expenses  DescriptionPer term (KES)Per year (KES)
iTuition Fees   Ensuring access to quality education in an Extra- County School                       13,522.0040,535.00
iiStationeryEquipping students with necessary learning materials                    2,625.007,875.00
iiiToiletriesPromoting hygiene and well-being of the child                             3,943.0011,829.00
ivOther ExpensesProviding students with pocketing Money and transport fee to & from school.                 3,400.0010,000.00
Total Expenses               23,490.0070,239.00

Or Bank Transfer


Bank Name: Stanbic Bank

Account # KES: 0100011648813

Account # USD: 0100011648821

Branch Name: Kenyatta Avenue

Bank Code: 31

Branch Code: 002

Swift Code: SBICKENX

Your support is the key to creating a timeless vision where education is the bridge to a brighter and more equitable future. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact on the lives of children from vulnerable family backgrounds. For more details reach out to info@fatherck.org or +254 758 516 111.

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