Father CK Foundation is a dedicated non-profit committed to unlocking the potential of children from underprivileged backgrounds. At our core, we strive to provide substantial educational support, fostering the empowerment of young minds for a promising future.

We are writing with a heartfelt appeal for your partnership in extending sponsorship opportunities to form one students from vulnerable family backgrounds. These individuals face daunting barriers to accessing quality education due to extreme financial constraints.

Your support could be the beacon of hope that reshapes their trajectory path toward a brighter future.

I kindly request you to offer Full Sponsorship or Partial Scholarship depending on your God given capability:

Option 1. Full Sponsorship: Kes. 82,739/= per year per student (27,580 per student per TERM or 6,895 Per student per MONTH)

This comprehensive package includes:

Tuition and Remedial Fee – Kes.48, 035/-

Shopping Fee – Kes.19, 704/- annually

Transport Fee – Kes.15, 000/- annually

This holistic sponsorship doesn’t just cover educational expenses; it addresses crucial needs vital for their academic journey.

Option 2. Partial Scholarship (Tuition fees only): Kes 48,035/= per YEAR per Student (16,012 Per TERM per Student or Kes. 4,003 per MONTH per Student)

If you are gracious enough to consider this partial assistance, the student will benefit as below:

Tuition Fees Only – Kes.48, 035/-

Option 3. Partial Scholarship (shopping and Transport only): KES. 34,704/- per YEAR per Student (KES. 11,568 Per TERM or KES. 2,892 per MONTH per Student)

Shopping Fee – Kes.19, 704/- annually

Transport Fee – Kes.15, 000/- annually

Option 4: Support with ANY amount ANY time Via the Paybill Number 762 763 (Account No. SCHOLARSHIP)


Bank Transfer


Bank Name: Stanbic Bank

Account # KES: 0100011648813

Account # USD: 0100011648821

Branch Name: Kenyatta Avenue

Bank Code: 31

Branch Code: 002

Swift Code: SBICKENX

Your support, whether through full sponsorship or partial scholarships, will profoundly impact the lives of these 34 students. It provides them with an invaluable chance to pursue education without the burden of financial constraints.

By partnering with us in this noble cause, you become a catalyst for transformation. Your contribution not only alleviates immediate financial burdens but also serves as an investment in breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering these students to realize their potential through education.

We are committed to recognizing and honoring your generosity through various channels, including our social media platforms and promotional materials, unless you prefer otherwise.

Should you wish to explore this opportunity further or proceed with your support, please contact us at info@fatherck.org / +254 758 516 111. Your time and consideration of our request are deeply appreciated.

Thank you for contemplating the possibility of transforming 34 lives alongside us. Together, we possess the power to shape a promising tomorrow for these deserving students.

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